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Welcome to the world of

Magnum by Nilfisk

Time to Join the magnum Evolution

Welcome to the world of

Magnum by Nilfisk

Time to Join the magnum Evolution

Welcome to the world of

Magnum by Nilfisk

Time to Join the magnum Evolution

Magnum by Nilfisk

Magnum stainless steel crafted pressure washers set the industry standard for power, durability, and ease of use. Designed to deliver smoother operation in the toughest field conditions, Magnum equipment will outperform and outlast the competition.

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Environmentally Sound Cleaning

Magnum pressure washers let you clean stables, stalls, vehicles, and equipment with fewer chemicals and less labor, so you can protect your land and improve productivity. We offer mobile and stationary solutions that are powerful enough to ensure hygiene and tough enough for everyday use. Easy maintenance and stainless steel construction promote a long service life.

Impress Your Customers

Magnum by Nilfisk gives you the tools you need to deliver fast, efficient cleaning to your customers while also reducing your operational costs. Magnum pressure washers are powerful enough for the toughest cleaning jobs. Ergonomic design lets your staff work longer without fatigue, and sleek stainless steel construction both prolongs service life and enhances your company image.

Contract cleaners

Improve Customer Experience

Clean, well-kept facilities are essential for creating the best impression of your retail property and driving repeat business. Proper cleaning also helps prevent accidents and protect your infrastructure. With Magnum by Nilfisk, you get ample cleaning power in a durable, attractive, easy-to-use machine that’s packed with premium features to help you get the job done faster.

Keep Your Facility Hygienic

When you have the right tools, deep cleaning and sanitizing food processing facilities gets a whole lot easier. Magnum pressure washers can deliver the powerful yet efficient cleaning you need to ensure hygiene, comply with regulations, and create a safer working environment. With exceptionally durable construction and easy-access maintenance, Magnum is a name you can depend on.


Magnum by Nilfisk

Unmatched Quality

Tough and Durable

Cutting Edge Design

Peace of Mind

Expert Dealer Support

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  • Unmatched Quality

    Helps you get the job right the first time.
    • Premium Features help get your job done faster
    • Most recognized engine/pump brands - Best of the best
    • Every machine is operated and tested before it leaves the factory
  • Tough and Durable

    Work horse in the most extreme environments.
    • Medical grades of stainless steel used for vital components resist rust and protect your investment in the most adverse conditions
    • Vibration dampeners provide less wear and tear on frame and other components
    • Components designed within heavy duty frame for protection from damage
  • Cutting Edge Design

    Attention to detail saves you time and money.
    • Proprietary coil design utilizes robotic welding for consistent flow and heat rise
    • Max Access eliminates removal of panels for service
    • Wipe and Go stainless keeps your Magnum looking new after 1000’s of hours of operation
    • Designed and Assembled with Pride in the USA
  • Peace of Mind

    We have your back
    • Lifetime Warranty on Stainless Steel Frames
    • 10 year heating coil warranty
    • Now as part Nilfisk, of one of the largest cleaning equipment manufacturers in the world, you have a titan in the industry on your side
  • Expert Dealer Support

    We support our dealer network so they can support you.
    • Local certified Magnum dealers provide product expertise, support and training
    • Parts on the shelf service centers keep your Magnum on the job

Quality & Innovation You Can Trust

Magnum by Nilfisk

Designed with the needs of real world service professionals in mind, Magnum by Nilfisk represents the next step in the evolution of commercial grade pressure washing equipment.

Magnum works harder and lasts longer than the competition, thanks to cutting edge design and quality construction. Magnum pressure washers offer the most recognized pump and engine brands in the industry, plus ergonomic features to reduce operator fatigue, Max Access design to make service easier, and Wipe and Go stainless steel to keep your equipment looking like new after thousands of hours of operation.

Every Magnum machine is subjected to rigorous testing before it leaves the factory, and we also offer exceptional warranty protection including a lifetime frame warranty, a 10 year heating coil warranty, and a 10 year Magnum pump warranty. You can enjoy superior peace of mind that your Magnum pressure washer will perform to your high standards for many years to come.